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RS PRO Black Multiple Lobes Clamping Knob, M6

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RS PRO Thermoplastic Multiple-Lobed Knobs

Knobs are used in a wide variety of applications in our day-to-day lives and perform many functions, from being used as fixed handles to being used to tighten, loosen, adjust, clamp and push other components or pieces of equipment. They are used in various applications, from industrial and construction machinery to audio and visual equipment.

These multiple lobed handwheels from RS PRO are an ergonomic shape to ensure user comfort, with a varying number of lobes depending on the grip and pressure required. The knob handles are made from impact-resistant thermoplastic bodies and male knobs are fitted with a protruding screw insert (male) of either stainless steel or zinc-plated steel. Female knobs and threaded though knobs have threaded inserts of zinc-plated or stainless steel. Zinc-plated steel and stainless steel both provide wear resistance for the threads to ensure that the threads last throughout general use and are not easily damaged or sheared.

Female Knobs

Zinc-plated steel: M6 x 9 (RS 7027594), M8 x 12 (RS 7027598), M10 x 15 (RS 7027601), M10 x 15 (RS 7027605), M8 x 12 (RS 7027608), M12 x 8 (RS 7027614).

Stainless steel: M6 x 9 (RS 7027651), M8 x 12 (RS 7027655), M10 x 15 (RS 7027661), M10 x 15 (RS 7027667), M12 x 18 (RS 7027670).

Male Knobs

Zinc-plated steel: M6 x 20mm (RS 7027579), M6 x 25mm (RS 7027572), M8 x 20mm (RS 7027576), M8 x 30mm (RS 7027585), M8 x 25mm (RS 7027588), M10 x 25mm (RS 7027582), M12 x 30mm (RS 7027591).

Stainless steel: M6 x 15mm (RS 7027627), M6 x 20mm (RS 7027636), M6 x 25mm (RS 7027639), M8 x 20mm (RS 7027633), M8 x 30mm (RS 7027642), M8 x 25mm (RS 7027645), M10 x 25mm (RS 7027649), M12 x 30mm (RS 7027658).

Through-Thread Knobs

Zinc-plated steel: M8 x 12 (RS 7027611), M6 x 9 (RS 7027617), M10 x 15 (RS 7027620), M12 x 18 (RS 7027623).

Stainless steel: M8 x 12 (RS 7027664), M6 x 9 (RS 7027673), M8 x 15 (RS 7027677), M12 x 18 (RS 7027683), M8 x 12 (RS 7027686), M10 x 15 (RS 7027689).

Features & Benefits

  • Thermoplastic handles

  • Zinc plated steel or stainless steel studs

  • Matte black finish

  • Working temperature range of -20°C to +110°C

  • Can short term withstand +170°C

  • Resistant to most chemicals, UV light and water absorption (1.5% max)


These multi-lobed knobs are used in a variety of applications, with the shape providing an ergonomic grip for user comfort and added torque to be applied by hand. The stainless steel screw threads will better endure outdoor environments or hygiene-focussed environments, such as medical and food preparation industries. The zinc screws are as strong, but it is not recommended to use them outdoors/near moisture as they are more susceptible to rust and this will effect the performance of the screw.

Common applications include:

  • Access doors

  • Drawers & panels (domestic and industrial)

  • Clamps and fixtures

  • Industrial machinery

  • Food preparation machinery

  • Medical furniture

Thread Diameter6mm
Thread Length25mm
Knob ShapeMultiple Lobes
Mounting TypeThreaded Stud
Knob Diameter40mm
Insert MaterialStainless Steel