• RS Stock No. 123-8853
  • Manufacturer Aim-TTi
  • Mfr. Part No. 1908
Aim-TTi 1908 Bench Digital Multimeter, 10A ac 1000V ac 10A dc 1000V dc
Product Details

Aim-TTi 1908 Series Dual Measurement Bench Multimeter

Aim-TTi 1908 Series is a dual measurement, dual display bench-top/portable multimeter. It features continuity and diode test, automatic or manual ranging, linear scaling with offset, dB measurements, limits comparison, percentage deviation (%), min-max storage, power measurement in watts or VA, automatic data logging and external triggering. The logger function can store up to 500 readings from the main display in non-volatile memory. The two displays can be used to display a measurement along with the selected range (e.g. 100 Vdc), a measurement in two different units (e.g. AC volts and dBm), the result of a calculated function (e.g. value and % deviation), two parameters of one signal (e.g. AC and DC volts) or two different signals (e.g. AC volts and DC current). Software 1908-PC Link provides remote control of main functions and logging function with graphical and tabular displays (logged data can be exported to a CSV file). Model 1908P can be remotely controlled via its RS232, USB, GPIB or LAN interface. Model 1908 (non ’P’) can only be controlled via USB.

Features and Benefits

Affordable 5.5 digit high performance bench/portable multimeter, 120 000 counts
Dual display (main display and secondary display) and dual measurement capability
Mains power or Internal rechargeable batteries for true portability
High accuracy and resolution 0.02%, 1 μV, 0.1 μA, 1 mΩ
Manual or Auto-ranging
True RMS AC and AC+DC measurement
DC and AC volts, DC and AC current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, and temperature measurement
Measurement post-processing
Continuity and diode checks
Two or four wire selectable ohms measurement
Display nulling and ohms null
Selectable measurement speed
Touch hold mode - holds onto a stable reading until updated
500 point data logger with timer
Temperature measurement for PT100 or PT1000 sensors
Wide range of computing functions e.g. Ax + B
External input/output remote triggering
Closed case calibration
USB interface standard (1908 & 1908P) plus RS232, LAN/LXI and GPIB interfaces (1908P only)
Kensington security slot incorporated
Dimensions 250 x 97 x 295 mm
Weight 3.2 kg


In dual measurement mode a completely independent but complementary measurement can be made and displayed on the secondary display. The two independent measurements are made alternately, not simultaneously, and the display update rate for each measurement is consequently reduced (this is not the same as dual display mode, where both a measurement and a modified version of that measurement are displayed e.g. ac Volts and the dB equivalent).


EN61010-1, EN61010-2-030 & EN61010-2-033, EN61326-1 EMC

Supplied with

IVI driver, LV/CVI driver, USB driver

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Multimeter TypeBench
Absolute Maximum DC Current Measurement10A dc
Absolute Maximum AC Current Measurement10A ac
Absolute Maximum DC Voltage Measurement1000V dc
Absolute Maximum AC Voltage Measurement1000V ac
Absolute Maximum Resistance Measurement1kΩ
Absolute Maximum Capacitance Measurement100µF
Absolute Maximum Temperature Measurement+400°C
Functions MeasuredAC Current, AC Voltage, Capacitance, DC Current, DC Voltage, Frequency, Resistance, Temperature
True RMSYes
Maximum Frequency100kHz
Display TypeLCD
Model Number p1908
AC Current Measurement Resolution100nA
DC Current Measurement Resolution100nA
DC Voltage Measurement Resolution1µV
AC Voltage Measurement Resolution1µV
Resistance Measurement Resolution1mΩ
Capacitance Measurement Resolution10pF
Temperature Measurement Resolution0.1°C
Best Temperature Measurement Accuracy0.05 %
Safety CategoryCAT II 600 V
Best DC Voltage Accuracy0.02 %
Best Resistance Measurement Accuracy0.05 %
Dimensions260 x 235 x 88mm
Safety Category LevelCAT II
Best AC Current Accuracy0.35 %
Minimum Operating Temperature+5°C
Best AC Voltage Accuracy0.3 %
Safety Category Voltage600V
Best Capacitance Measurement Accuracy2 %
Battery Life>20 (Enabled Backlight) h, >35 (Disabled Backlight) h
Battery TypeRechargeable NiMH
Maximum Operating Temperature+40°C
Best DC Current Accuracy0.05 %
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