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    Creating Global HMI Solutions

    Since its creation more than 70 years ago, APEM has developed a broad range of HMI products with a strong capability for technical and industrial excellence supported by a weath of knowledge & expertise with R&D on 3 continents.

    With large production capacity, automated processes and worldwide manufacturing, APEM is committed to support strong distribution partnerships and to continue to offer new and innovative products to market year after year.

    Our vertically integrated manufacturing processes allows us to offer a high level of technical knowledge and reactivity. With our four logistic centres located in each continent close to our main markets, we ensure quick deliveries and customer service through our distribution partners.

    Being part of the IDEC group since 2017, we have increased our geographical coverage with an even wider range of products cementing our position as one of the leaders of HMI field.

    Featured products

    IP69K Push Button

    IX Series Waterproof Panel Mount Push Button Switches

    • Sealing: IP67, IP69K
    • Tactile Feed Back
    • Compact construction
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    Intuitive and Comfortable Thumbstick for Remote Applications

    TS series thumbstick is a finger-type joystick that is ideal for remote applications. It provides intuitive and comfortable use on pendants and wireless remote controls. It is easy to install and can be integrated into joysticks or arm rests. Non-contacing hall effect technology

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    Industrial ThumbStick Control

    What You Can Do In A Day

    In true USB style, the thumb stick is a plug-and-play device. A PC will recognise the thumbstick as a HID, which means that when connected, the device will be detected and automatically installed.

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