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    Our 2030 Action Plan

    For A Better World is our 2030 ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) Action Plan to support a more sustainable and inclusive world. We are bringing our people, customers, suppliers and communities together to accelerate our positive impact and deliver on our purpose – Making Amazing Happen for a Better World.

    We have set four global goals by 2030: Advancing Sustainability; Championing Education and Innovation; Empowering our people; and Doing Business Responsibly, each with a robust set of supporting actions. Our approach supports six of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is aligned to leading external frameworks and standards.


    How we are making a difference

    Case Study: Promoting a circular supply chain

    To help increase the reuse of packaging in our supply chain, we are replacing wooden and cardboard packaging pallets with reusable, returnable eco-totes for product movements between our European sites. Eco-totes have a longer life than wooden pallets which need to be repaired more frequently.

    The Washing Machine Project

    The Washing Machine Project (TWMP) is RS Group’s global charity partner.  They provide displaced and low-income communities with accessible, off-grid washing machines that help reduce the burden of handwashing and empower women to take charge of their lives.  We are supporting them to improve the lives of 100,000 people around the world. 

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