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    Connectors are essential components that are used in almost every piece of electrical or electronic equipment we use or come into contact with on a daily basis. Correct selection depends solely on the project, application or environment. RS offer an extensive range of high performance interconnect solutions to suit your every need.

    What is a connector?

    A connector is a component that allows two pieces of equipment to be coupled together. Connectors provide a path for voltage, current or signals to flow freely from one device to another. Most connectors comprise of two parts, a plug and a socket. Traditionally connectors are referred to by a gender to aid identification, the male and the female.

    Plug or male

    The plug or the male part of the connector housing usually contain the contacts. The contacts or pins are solid protruding pieces of metal that electrical conductors are attached to.

    Socket or female

    The socket or the female part of the connector housing contain hollow metal contacts. The female contacts are designed to hold or retain the male contacts. When both male and female parts of the connector come together they mate.

    Termination Types

    • Crimp termination
    • Solder termination
    • Screw termination

    Mounting Types

    • Cable to panel
    • Cable to cable (in-line)
    • Cable to board
    • Board to board

    RS supply a wide range of high quality components. They include heavy duty industrial connectors, power connectors, modular connectors, electrical connectors, electronic and data connectors. They are divided into the following categories:

    • Power Connectors
    • RF and Coaxial Connectors
    • PCB Connectors
    • Audio and Video Connectors
    • Circular Connectors
    • Network and Telecom Connectors
    • Mains and IEC Connectors
    • USB, D-Sub and Computing Connectors
    • Terminal Blocks and DIN Rail Terminals

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