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    Chauvin Arnoux

    Chauvin Arnoux

    CHAUVIN ARNOUX - Expert in measurement for over 130 years

    Every day, throughout the world, Chauvin Arnoux Metrix supports thousands of users in their inspection, maintenance and expert appraisal operations, helping to ensure that their facilities and activities remain operational.

    Specialist in electrical measurement, CHAUVIN ARNOUX METRIX offers a wide range of portable measurement instruments in the fields of :

    • General electrical measurement
    • Control of electrical safety,
    • Energy performance,
    • Supervision and sizing of electrical installations,
    • Physical and environmental measurements,
    • Oscilloscopy and, more generally, test equipment for electronic devices.

    The total internal control over the design and manufacture of the products internally allows Chauvin Arnoux Group to constantly innovate and offer a wide range of products and services to meet every need.

    "Measure up"

    Featured Products

    PEL100 series

    Power and energy quality analysers QUALISTAR

    • All the measures needed for the complete diagnosis, maintenance, monitoring, sizing and energy balance of electrical installations.
    • Efficient analysis and monitoring functions: programmable alarms, event recording and capture, transients, load start-up currents, etc.
    • Recognised ease of use, suitable for all LV electrical networks, seamless installation, automatic sensor recognition, context-sensitive help.
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    Power and Energy Loggers PEL

    Power and Energy Loggers PEL

    • A simple, effective solution for measuring electrical energy
    • Compact and magnetic, PELs can be installed without disconnecting the power supply
    • Suitable for all types of LV enclosures and electrical installations
    • Real-time monitoring and remote retrieval of measurements
    • Diagnosis & monitoring of consumption energy efficiency savings
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    Power and Energy Logger PEL103

    Ergonomic, magnetic and suitable for all types of electrical cabinets, the PEL103 simultaneously measures power and energy.

    • Maintenance
    • Energy performance
    • Power and energy balance

    PEL, Loggers for efficient consumption

    Clamp multimeters

    Clamp multimeters

    Compact and robust, the multimeter clamps have all the functions you need for your inspection, maintenance and expert assessment operations.

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    Insulation testers

    Insulation testers

    Digital or analogue, from 10V to 15kV test voltage, compact, reliable and user-friendly megohmmeters for greater user comfort.

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