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    SMC is the leading expert with a passion for industrial automation.

    SMC is the leading expert with a passion for industrial automation. Founded in April 1959 in Tokyo, Japan, SMC Corporation today employs over 21,600 talented employees in over 80 countries worldwide. With a comprehensive automated control equipment portfolio of 12,000 basic models with over 700,000 variations, SMC can satisfy virtually any of your automation needs. SMC has five technical centres, two of them located in Europe (UK & Germany) staffed with 1,700 dedicated engineers developing new customer driven solutions and with 8,300 sales engineers they ensure all technical challenges are met. SMC main portfolio comprises: Actuators, Air Line Equipment, ATEX Products, Clean Room Products, Directional Control Valves, Fluid Control Equipment, Temperature Control, Vacuum Products, Sensors & Switches and Static Control.

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    Pneumatic Solenoid Valves

    Pneumatic Solenoid Valves

    Pneumatic solenoid valves remove the need for manual or pneumatic control of a pneumatic circuit, this makes them super easy to programme, operate and install.

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    Pneumatic Fittings

    Pneumatic Fittings

    Pneumatic fittings are vital for creating the airtight network required when working with pneumatic systems.

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    Pneumatic Regulators

    Pneumatic Regulators

    Pneumatic regulators, also known as pressure-reducing valves, are used in pneumatic systems to maintain the output air pressure.

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    Pneumatic Filter Regulator

    Pneumatic Guided Cylinders

    Pneumatic filters keep pneumatic systems working correctly by removing contaminants, like water and oil vapour, from a compressed airstream.

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    Flexible plastic tubing

    Pneumatic Air Hoses

    Air hoses also called air line or pneumatic tubing are flexible tubes designed to transfer air and other gases under pressure from one location to another.

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    Push in fittings for general purpose pneumatic use from –100 kPa vacuum to 10 bar. Metric and imperial sizes, taper or parallel thread with sealant applied or uni-thread type as well as tube to tube.

    Total of 51 models - straight, elbow, tee, bulkhead, plug, cross, branch, multiples, female, reducers, & Y connectors.

    • Compact and lightweight
    • Suitable for use with nylon and polyurethane, the chuck provides secure retention
    • Release button requires little force for removal. Releases the chuck collet to remove the tube as well as to prevent the chuck from biting too deeply into the tubing
    General purpose fittings KQ2

    Static Control Equipment

    Available in Bar type, Fan type, Nozzle type or Gun type. Accessories include static sensors and anti static fittings & tubing.
    • Bar type - Basic type or High speed type, integrated controller, auto balance or feedback sensor. Ideal for conveyors
    • Fan type - Air flow adjustment function, signal output for contamination, slimline, rapid static neutralisation: 1.3s
    • Nozzle type - Slim & lightweight, nozzle variations, external switch input function, easy maintenance, timer control
    • Gun type - High-frequency rapid neutralisation: 0.3 s, lightweight, OSHA1910.242b compliant (bypass nozzle option)
    • IO Link control available

    Static control

    See for yourself how with SMC’s static control solutions you can “See the gain”. Discover the static control solutions that can help you to optimise your production efficiency and create a safe environment for your workers. By providing the proper anti-static solution, SMC helps you reduce the invisible consequences of static electricity generated during the process. Avoid product rejection, unnecessary maintenance and machine downtime by choosing the product that best adapts to your application.

    Modular filter (AF), Regulator (AR) and Lubricator (AL) available as a combination or individually. Supply your application with quality compressed air for long service life and help increase OEE.

    Modular Style Air Combination Units

    • Ease your maintenance work – Transparent bowl guard plus no tools required for the maintenance
    • Check the pressure as you want – Different pressure gauge and digital sensor options. Port sizes 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 and 1"
    • Modular, compact and lightweight
    • Many attachments available including manual LOTO shut off valve, soft start valve & safety dump valve
    • Made to orders for your special needs: Long bowl, element service indicator, high pressure, 2 bar, metal bowl etc

    Modular FRL

    Fit CQ2 to your application requirements – Large range of variations with short delivery times

    Compact Cylinders

    • Save space in your machines – Reduced dimensions of the cylinder and components
    • Minimise overall machine weight and increase the productivity
    • Bore sizes 12-100mm
    • Simple autoswitch mounting on all four sides

    Compact cylinders