Adhesive Dispenser Needles

Adhesive dispenser needles are the products by which adhesive dispensers distribute liquid and solid adhesives into products or onto materials. These fluids can have low, medium or high viscosities, meaning that the correct needle is required for accurate and continuous dispersal.

What are adhesive dispenser needles used for?

Adhesive dispenser needles are mainly used in industrial applications during product and component manufacturing processes. They are also used in automation industries where lubricant based products are made.

Types of adhesive dispenser needles

The needles can be made of stainless steel or plastic-based materials, and they are distinguished via their tip features:

  • Standard dispensing tips are made with stainless steel and provide continuous adhesive fluid flow.
  • Bent dispensing tips have preset bends in the cannula for optimal use in areas with awkward angles.
  • Tapered dispensing tips prevent obstructions and increase fluid flow rates.
  • Line dispensing tips are clog resistant to prevent substrate damage of materials.
  • Brush dispensing tips distribute adhesive fluid evenly and are used for large surface areas.
  • Flexible dispensing tips can be customised according to length, which makes them suited for difficult-to-reach places.

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