Cable Separators & Bushing

Cable separators are great pieces of equipment for organisation and safety. Cables can be a major issue when a lot is needed in environments such as offices or sound studios. These cable separators work by grouping various types of cables together, then evenly distributing them in a tidy and organised manor to their destination.
• Perfect for situations which require many long cables
• Keeps floor space tidy and removes possible tripping hazard
• Models which cover single and double cables
• Various types of plastic available, including Nylon and PVC

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Description Price Bushing Type Material Colour Maximum Bundle Diameter Minimum Operating Temperature Maximum Operating Temperature Series
RS Stock No. 164-0828
Mfr. Part No.4-1393561-7
Each (In a Bag of 2000)
Locating Bush - Grey 4.9mm - - -
RS Stock No. 401-888
Mfr. Part No.PGSC-1926A
1 Pack of 50
Locating Bush Nylon 66 - 19mm -40°C +85°C -
RS Stock No. 136-7900
Mfr. Part No.01460120010
1 Bag of 100
Locating Bush Plioprene - 4mm -40°C +70°C -
RS Stock No. 718-0787
Mfr. Part No.4-1393561-9
Each (In a Pack of 5)
Locating Bush - Grey 5.9mm - - -
RS Stock No. 718-0778
Mfr. Part No.4-1393561-7
Each (In a Pack of 5)
Locating Bush - Grey 4.9mm - - -
RS Stock No. 190-1978
Mfr. Part No.02530111010
Each (In a Bag of 50)
Strain Relief - Black 8.5mm -40°C +90°C HELAVIA
RS Stock No. 166-5010
Mfr. Part No.LX40-12BS(4.0)
Each (In a Pack of 100)
Locating Bush - Black 4mm -40°C +70°C -