Door Hardware

Our door hardware, also known as door furniture, can meet any of your requirements. Here you'll find door handles, door stops and closers as well as an extensive range of hooks and hinges, all made to the highest quality. You can also browse a range of weatherproofing products for a variety of industrial applications.

What is door hardware?

Door hardware is a collection of the various components designed for use with doors to assist with opening, closing, hanging doors, improving security and allowing effective use in domestic, office, and industrial applications.

Types of door hardware:

We offer a wide range of door accessories such as handles, hinges, gas springs, as well as many other products. Some of the most popular types include:

  • Handles - they can be used industrially and domestically for doors, drawers, and cabinets to assist in opening and closing. Handles are available in many shapes, styles, and sizes such as lever handles and drawer handles
  • Hinges - are used to control the rotation of a door. Door hinges are available in different styles, sizes, and quality materials.
  • Compression and gas springs - are used commonly for mechanical purposes. Gas springs can be used for maneuvering heavy doors in industrial use.
  • Seals and brush strips - used to seal doors in order to act as draught excluders and increase security in the case of a fire.

Door hardware finishes

For all types of door hardware we offer many types of finishes, such as:

  • Chrome finish
  • Polished brass finish
  • Polished chrome
  • Satin stainless steel
  • Electro Phoretic Coated
  • Aluminium anodised
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