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Tweezers, spring hooks and magnetic pick-up devices are among our most popular positioners and retrieval tools. These essential bits of kit give you the ability to easily collect or retrieve objects that would otherwise be too small or inaccessible. Positioners and retrieval tools are handy lightweight devices, ideal for tool bags and equipment boxes across a huge range of applications.

What types of pick-up tools are available, and how do they work?

We keep several types of positioning and retrieval tools in stock, with the ideal choice depending on the kind of objects you work with.

  • Tweezers are go-to devices for retrieving or transferring small, fiddly, inaccessible or stuck items and components between locations. They’re operated between thumb and index finger and sold in many shapes, sizes and point/tip types:

    • Bent/Curved tweezers for accuracy and comfort

    • Blunt tweezers for delicate or easily scratched items

    • Cutting tweezers with sharp edges for clipping softer wire

    • Flat tweezers for manipulating larger objects

    • Pointed tweezers for enhanced precision and accessibility

    • Round tweezers for general use can be fitted with various accessories and tips to meet specialised needs

    • Wafer tweezers with flat tips for safe handling of silicon wafers in semiconductor assembly

  • Pick-up tools are often designed with magnetic ends for retrieving metal objects or sprung clawed gripper ends for non-metallic items. They include:

    • Telescopic pick-up tools for enhanced reach

    • Bendable pick-up tools for access flexibility

    • Hinged joint pick up tools for full 360-degree rotation

  • Spring hooks help engineers, jewellers and model-makers lever springs into position, as well as directing/retrieving wiring and O-rings. They can be light-duty or heavy-duty, depending on the spring gauge.

    • Single-ended spring hooks are sold in either push or pull configurations

    • Push-pull spring hooks are double-ended and can perform both actions

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