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    Capacitor Kits

    A capacitor is a passive electronic component with two terminals. Capacitors are components used to store an electric charge.

    Capacitor kits are ideal for design engineers, lab technicians, hobbyists and beginners as they contain an array of different types and specifications of the capacitor. Supplied in convenient compartmentalized packaging for quick reference and easy identification. RS offer a range of high-quality kits from leading brands including KEMET, Murata, Vishay, Wurth Elektroninc.

    What are capacitor kits used for?

    Sometimes you may need several different types of a capacitor in your build, or your prototyping design may change. Capacitor kits provide you with an assortment of values, voltages and dielectric materials allowing you to have the correct capacitor on hand when needed.

    Capacitor kits also allow you to trial suitable capacitors and experiment with different component layouts.

    Types of capacitor kit

    Capacitor kits can include electrolytic capacitors ceramic capacitors niobium oxide capacitors tantalum capacitors. The number of items in a kit can range from a few pieces up to thousands of different capacitors. Capacitance values ranging from 0.1uF-1000uF. The voltages of the capacitors in the kits also vary from a couple of volts to more than a thousand volts, providing flexibility and choice for your projects and applications.

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