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    Hydraulic Fittings & Tubing

    Keep your pneumatic and hydraulic assemblies moving with our superb range of hydraulic fittings and hydraulic tubing products, including hose assemblies, pipe clamps, and fittings.Our curated range includes products from industry-leading brands, such as Parker, Hi-Force, Legris and our own RS PRO.

    What are the different types available?

    Hydraulic FittingsHydraulic fittings are designed to connect hydraulic hoses, tubes, and pipes together in hydraulics systems. These fittings enable the ability to contain, direct and control the flow of hydraulic pressure, ensuring high-quality performance. There are many different styles of hydraulic fittings, including compression fittings, crimp fittings, flange fittings, and push-to-connect fittings.Pipe ClampsHydraulic pipe clamps are fastening devices used in hydraulic systems to hold and secure hydraulic pipes and prevent unwanted movement or separation. Hydraulic pipe clamps can be used with steel pipes and hoses and traditionally feature two halves with a bore for the pipe or hose to be placed into.Hydraulic Hose AssembliesHydraulic hose assemblies consist of a strong, flexible hydraulic hose with pre-installed connectors at the end for easy integration, ready to be installed into a hydraulic system to transport fluid from one component to another.Hydraulic Quick Connect CouplingsHydraulic quick-connect couplings are robust and secure quick-action couplings designed for high-pressure operation with hydraulic applications. They provide a fast, convenient way to connect and disconnect hydraulic fluid lines repeatedly.