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    We have a great range of electrical transformers. You can choose from PCB mounting, toroidal, chassis and DIN rail mounting. Also find our site safety transformer range and 110v transformers. These are available from brands such as Block, EPCOS, Wurth Elektronik and our own RS PRO.

    What is a transformer?

    A transformer is an electrical device that supplies electricity from one circuit to another by changing the magnetic field. They're used in residential and industrial environments

    What types of transformers are available?

    We offer a range of transformer types:

    • Audio: for increasing and decreasing voltage in amplifiers and high-frequency audio and voice circuits
    • Autotransformer: also known as a step-down transformer, they are small, cheap and light due to only having one coil as opposed to those with a secondary winding coil
    • Chassis Mounting: come in different sizes with holes for mounting to a chassis
    • Current Transformers: measures the current of another circuit
    • DIN Rail & Panel Mount: having the capacity to be mounted to a flat surface, panel or DIN rail via mounting holes
    • LAN Ethernet: isolation and signal conditioning for transmission and correct reception of voltage over Ethernet
    • Lighting: transformers that are specifically designed to work with lighting, most commonly dimmer switches
    • PCB: printed circuit board transformers control the voltage or current moving through the board
    • Safety Site: providing protection in transformers through isolating mains power supply minimise shocks and overloading
    • Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS): used primarily in PCs for switching from AC or DC to DC power
    • Telecom: voltage isolation before transmission for use in homes
    • Toroidal: transformers in the shape of a ring or doughnut
    • Wall Mount Transformers: for use in hazardous locations or harsh industrial environments

    We also have a range of chip and transformer-line baluns, coil formers, mounting kits, terminal covers, ferrite cores as well as variac brushes, connectors dials and knobs.

    How long do electrical transformers last?

    They don't have any moving parts but are under constant stress from vibrating and temperature, expanding and contracting 60 times per second. Regardless of this, they can often last decades.