Air Screwdrivers

Air Screwdrivers are powered by compressed air. Inside the screwdriver compressed air is directed over the vanes of the screwdriver motor, rotating the motor and providing the energy needed to power the screwdriver when in use. A gear reduction system adjusts outputs to an appropriate rpm range and torque level for the application. This power is then managed by a clutch.

Types of screwdriver clutches

  • Direct drive

  • Positive

  • Adjustable

  • Torque control

How do they work?

Air Screwdrivers are driven by compressed air, supplied by an air compressor. They can also be driven by compressed carbon dioxide (CO2) stored in small cylinders allowing for portability. Most pneumatic tools convert the compressed air to work using a pneumatic motor.

Type of Air Screwdrivers

  • Straight Air Screwdriver

  • Pistol Air Screwdriver

  • Ratchet Air Screwdriver

  • Mini Air Screwdriver

  • Reversible Air Screwdriver


  • Joining layers of sheet metal

  • Securing an electronic board to blind holes in a plastic frame

  • Furniture assembly

  • Driving long screws

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Description Price Type Speed Vibration Level Drive Size Drive Shape Length Model Number Air Inlet BSP
RS Stock No. 181-2899
Mfr. Part No.TSD P0800I
Pistol Air Screwdriver 800rpm 3.6m/s² 6.35 mm Hex 195mm TSD P0800I 1/4in
RS Stock No. 181-2901
Mfr. Part No.TSD S1800I
Straight Air Screwdriver 1800rpm 2.2m/s² 6.35 mm Hex 260mm TSD S1800I 1/4in
RS Stock No. 181-2900
Mfr. Part No.TSD P1800I
Pistol Air Screwdriver 1800rpm 3.6m/s² 6.35 mm Hex 210mm TSD P1800I 1/4in