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    You know your stuff when it comes to safety – so do we.

    So, whether you’re looking for expert advice, guidance with legislation or sustainable alternatives, we can help. What’s more, working with all the major PPE manufacturers we’re confident we have the right products and solutions to make your life easier – all from one place.

    Why work with RS?


    We can help you choose the right PPE for your applications by offering onsite surveys and application specific advice. This ensures the PPE your team uses offers the correct level of protection, enhanced wearer comfort and maximises user productivity.

    Range & Cost

    RS has access to all the major PPE manufacturers and you can be sure we're offering you a serious, trusted PPE range. This allows us to offer you the widest range of brands at the best possible price, saving you time and money.

    RS PRO, Your Smart Choice

    Our own brand, RS PRO, provides you with a range of popular PPE products that combine our three pillars: quality, choice and value. All backed by our Seal of Approval quality award.

    Legislative Expertise

    Our Safety Solutions teams have specific industry experience within food & beverage manufacturing and heavy industry, allowing us to guide and advise on how to ensure the PPE used meets the legislative requirements applicable to your industry sector.


    Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important factor and our team work closely with suppliers to provide you access to product solutions from bio-degradable gloves to recycled polyester garments, and more...

    Supply Chain Confidence

    Our supply chain experience and procedures ensure reliability and confidence of supply. We won’t substitute products without consulting you first and work tirelessly with our supplier partners to obtain the best possible availability so you can always count on us.

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    Even more reasons why to choose RS for your Health & Safety needs

    Food & Beverage

    Food & Beverage

    In food manufacturing, PPE helps protect production staff from injury and ensures the products being made are contamination free. Explore our full range of industry suitable PPE & hygiene products.

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    Focus on Hygiene

    Focus on Hygiene

    Maintaining a clean production environment is a constant demand. We have the solutions for maintaining clean working areas, plus parts that stand up to the challenges of washdown procedures.

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    OE Manufacturing

    OE Manufacturing

    Industrial workers and employees must be provided with compliant PPE that is fit for purpose. Take a look at our offer specifically for the manufacturing industry, including the brands you know and trust.

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