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    Predict and Prevent


    Discover how to defeat maintenance downtime.

    Does it seem like an impossible dream to consign unplanned downtime to history? It needn't. You've no doubt moved beyond reactive maintenance in some way or another, whether through small improvements to stop the same problem repeating again and again, or much bolder strides towards a structured predictive maintenance future.

    It is a complex area, and knowing where to start, and what actions can be taken can seem overwhelming. However, RS has incredible experience in this field, not just with our stocked range of parts and products that can be used as part of a preventative or predictive strategy. But also in solutions we can deploy on your site to help you gain the upper hand on maintenance.

    Here we give an idea of some of the ways we can help you sleep better at night, and we also provide great advice on the wider subject of predictive maintenance.

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    RS Experts: On Prevent and Predict

    RS Experts: Prevent & Predict

    Hear from our very own Richard Jeffers, on the history of preventative and predictive maintenance; what predictive maintenance is, its benefits and what progress looks like.

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    We've pulled together a selection of products from across our range, that will help you prevent and predict breakdowns. Food for thought for your next improvement.

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    Get measurements you can trust by ensuring your maintenance instruments are accurate and certified to national standards with our in-house UKAS accredited laboratory.

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    Product Solution Ideas

    Easy Oil Analysis

    Easy Oil Analysis

    Pre-paid oil condition analysis kits allow cost-effective assessment of lubrication oil condition, helping avoid unexpected failures and the resulting urgent need for replacement parts.

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    Ultrasonic leak detection

    Ultrasonic leak detection

    Air leaks in pneumatic systems can account for 20% of the systems energy cost and cause unforeseen breakdowns - check for air leaks regularly, and get them fixed.

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    Thermal Imaging

    Thermal Imaging

    Detect mechanical or electrical problems early to avoid unplanned downtime. Use a thermal imaging camera and intervene when convenient and necessary.

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    Amazon Monitron

    Amazon Monitron

    An end-to-end condition monitoring system that automatically detects deteriorating condition in industrial rotating equipment, perfect for a predictive maintenance strategy.

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    Articles & Advice

    Where next for engineering?

    Where next for engineering?

    The digital transition is here. Challenges from fractured supply chains to soaring energy prices are driving change at a rapid pace. Where next for engineering and what are the trends driving change?

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    Well-lubricated maintenance: a strategy for success

    Well-lubricated maintenance

    The devil’s in the detail when it comes to keeping an operation running smoothly – and a closer look at something as simple as the oil used in machines can be hugely revealing.

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    From condition monitoring to condition-based maintenance

    Condition-based maintenance

    Heat, noise, and vibration. These are the hallmarks of productive engineering and manufacturing environments. They can also be part of an early-warning system that highlights impending problems.

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    Predictive Maintenance Brands

    RS Industria

    Introducing RS Industria

    Liberate your untapped data to gain control, improve uptime and increase efficiency.