Mechanical Components

Our mechanical & pneumatic range is better than ever!

We’ve listened to our customers, talked to you about what you need from a first choice mechanical & pneumatics supplier and made big changes to our range.

We’ve added over 3,000 additional mechanical power transmission lines increasing our offer to over 10,000, while our pneumatic offer has been boosted to over 21,500 lines all orderable online – with free of charge delivery.

We've also expanded our own brand RS PRO pneumatics range to 1,200 options, giving you more choice, quality and value.

Why not challenge us with your mechanical needs? And make RS your first choice for mechanical and fluid power.

We have the key to better Mechanical Stock Management...

We understand achieving greater operational efficiency is a significant focus area for you. Whether your role focus is production or maintenance – mechanical component usage and cost, is a key consideration.

Seeking opportunities to create efficiencies that deliver tangible benefits, with a positive effect on the bottom line means going back to basics. By getting the foundations right when procuring high usage, low value components, you can unlock significant savings and reduce operational challenges.

According to our own research, conducted in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS), individuals responsible for indirect procurement and Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) cited these day-to-day pressures. With 55 per cent focusing on reducing operational budgets and 52 percent on managing inventory costs.

To help address these pain points we’ve used this insight, customer feedback and our experience, to develop unique spend control solutions, which puts buying in the hands of multiple users, while retaining the ability to track spend and generate data for reports that can inform future purchasing decisions. This, when combined with our managed inventory solution - ScanStock™ - to reduce off contract spend, control pricing and reduce stock on site, can help you achieve optimum efficiency.

Our customer sales data indicates that across the mechanical and pneumatic product areas, the average unit sale price is a little over £16. With many smaller bearings, other mechanical parts and pneumatic fittings all being low cost, while frequency used, creating numerous low value purchasing activities with relatively high transactional costs.

Implementing our ScanStock™ managed inventory solution will help both reduce operational costs and deliver efficiencies, as well as addressing challenges within your stores and inventory management, such as:

Inventory mis-management due to lack of control or no clear ownership of stores.

Engineering inventory kept in a single location, meaning it can be a significant distance from point of use.

Operations and engineering staff ‘booking out’ more than they need for the task to create their own ‘squirrel stock’, meaning total inventory investment is much greater than is required.

Limited reporting – many organisations purely transact re-stocking orders and fail to track who or what the parts or consumables are used for.

To find out more about our ScanStock™ inventory solution or to start a conversation with one of our ScanStock™ implementation team click here to visit our information page.

Mechanical Components

Our extensive range includes bearings, conveyor parts, belts, chains, couplings, slides, gears, pulleys, bushes, collars plus motors and drives.


All your requirements including cylinders, grippers, actuators, switches, sensors, FRLs, fittings, adaptors, valves, manifolds, vacuum pumps, tubing and more.

Mechanical Tools

We have a vast selection of mechanical tools here at RS, from Machine Tools & Accessories to Torque Wrenches, mechanical tool kits and much more.


Discover our large stock availability amongst a diverse range of lubricants from leading brands – perfect for many applications and environments.

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