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There are many ways to place your order online, we are here to help.

Your local Branch

Call into your local Trade counter and buy your products there and then.

Large Orders

We can help you reduce the cost of your larger orders

Production Packaging

We supply parts in industry standard packaging types

Extended Range

Even if we don't stock it, we'll do our best to source it for you.

Forward Orders

Schedule orders to be delivered on different dates

Quotes Online

Manage and request your quotes online


There are many ways to place your order online, we are here to help

Delivery Methods

Get your order when you want it

Parcel Tracking

Track your order's progress

Product Returns

Return your purchase for a replacement or refund

My Account

Manage your order, quotes, track parcels, update details and more

Account Opening

Get an RS cash or credit account

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Keep track of all your invoices and payments

Product Support

We've got all the information, support and advice you need.


Online community of technical experts and free design tools

Lighting Guide Request

Request a copy of the Lighting Guide

Environmental Information

See how you can recycle your waste electrical and electronic equipment, and batteries.


Calibrate new equipment

3D Printing Service

Access 3D printed rapid prototyping, and other manufacturing services via our partner Protolabs

Quotes Online

Quotes Online

It's a great way to save time and money

What is it?

  • A free online tool where you can submit, manage and redeem quotes
  • You can also view and redeem quotes submitted by your colleagues
  • You simply upload your bill of materials and match it against our complete product range.

How does it help me?

By increasing your efficiency, it will free up your time for more urgent tasks. And

by helping you cut order costs it will give real cost savings to your business and increase your personal confidence in your budgeting skills.

  • Accurate information: you know exactly which stock is available at what prices, checked against your bill of materials
  • Saves money: it quotes you the latest prices, and holds your quote for 30 days, so you're protected against price rises
  • Saves you time: thanks to quick, easy access to all your quotes without leaving your desk
  • Cuts staff costs: because you can manage your own and your colleagues' quotes together
  • Less hassle: you can manage all your quotes together, in a format and with referencing that suits you.

How do I sign up?

  • Register now with your RS account details
  • If you already place RS orders online, just log in to My Account and click on 'My Quotes'
  • If you don't currently place your RS orders online, register here and start today
  • Don't have an RS credit account yet? Apply now.

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