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    Schneider Electric XPS AK Series Dual-Channel Light Beam/Curtain, Safety Mat/Edge, Safety Switch/Interlock Safety

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    Schneider Electric
    Schneider Electric
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    Discontinued product
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    Schneider Electric

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    Product Details

    Schneider Electric | Preventa XPSAK Series | Safety Relays

    Simple and effective safety monitoring has never been more crucial in today's highly automated world. Prevention is key to site safety, that's why Schneider Electric offers a Safety Relay in the form of the 'Preventa XPSAK' module that is second to none. Being able to monitor faults with devices along a circuit has the power to stop emergency situations from even occurring.

    Features and benefits:

    • Provides 3 N/O safety relay outputs plus 1 N/C volt free signalling output

    • Monitoring of the start button or automatic starting can be chosen.

    • 24 V DC option incorporated for each supply voltage version

    • Monitoring of single safety functions, providing an automated solution for use with applications such as emergency push stop buttons or switches.

    • Slin in design, with just 45mm of width meaning it can fit nicely even in space constraint spaces.

    • 35 mm symmetrical DIN rail support, offering flexible and versatile safety system installation.

    • Local signalling in the form of LEDs.

    Protection ratings & Safety features (see datasheet for specifics) -

    • Impressive line resistance is available, varying between 90 to 100 Ohm (Ω).

    • Input protection type is internal, electronic.

    • EN1088/ISO 14119, EN 60204-1, EN/IEC 60947-5-1, EN/ISO 13850

    • CSA, TUV & UL listed

    • IP 40 (enclosure) for protection against small objects up to 1mm such as tools, wires and small wires.

    • IP 20 (terminals) for protection against solid objects such as fingers, smaller tools up to 12mm.

    Applications -

    All dangerous machinery requires an automated solution to prevent harm to immediate users and also prevent damage to the machinery. Below are some of the safety applications.
    • Monitoring type 4 Safety light curtains with semi-conductor outputs according to EN61496-1.

    • Time delay input if needed allowing you to set up your own time function.

    • Two-hand control safety circuits

    • Sensing mats and edges


    IEC 204-1; EN 292; EN 418; EN 60204-1; EN 1088


    BG, UL, CSA

    XPSAK371144 Preventa XPSAK Safety Relay Safety Module.

    • XPSAK Safety module.

    • Emergency stop, switch, sensing mat/edges or safety light curtain monitoring.


    • Multiple emergency stop monitoring 2-channel wiring. Proximity sensor monitoring. Monitoring of a movable guard. Sensing mat and edges monitoring. Emergency stop with 2 NC contacts monitoring 2-channel wiring. Emergency stop monitoring 1-channel wiring. Monitoring of a movable guard associated with 2 switches and automatic start. Monitoring of electro-sensitive protection equipment (ESPE).

    Features and Benefits.

    • Configurable. Captive screw clamp terminals. Relay instantaneous opening, 3 NO circuit(s). 1 NC PLUS 4 Solid state outputs. 230 V ac / 24 V dc. Unlimited (manual start). 50/60 Hz. 24 V dc control circuit. 28 Ohm resistance. Minimum output current 10 MA relay output. Minimum output voltage 17 V relay output. 4 LEDs. 35 mm DIN rail. 0.4 Kg.


    Supply Voltage230V ac
    Number of Channels2
    Safety Contacts3
    FunctionLight Beam/Curtain, Safety Mat/Edge, Safety Switch/Interlock
    Auxiliary Contacts1
    Reset MethodAutomatic & Manual
    Safety Category ISO 13849-14
    PL ISO 13849-1e
    SIL IEC 615083
    SeriesXPS AK
    Terminal TypeScrew
    Performance Levele
    Discontinued product