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    Gantry Robots

    Gantry robots are a fantastic solution to precision automation work, and consist of a programmable machine that drives along a set gantry structure. These industrial robots operate over a linear axis that allows for simplified, precise movement on a fixed system.

    Often called cartesian robots, or cartesian coordinate robots, gantry robots are typically larger and more suited to heavy-duty industrial applications. They are well suited for custom automation environments, as the gantry system can be constructed to the needs of the environment, and the robot programmed accordingly. Depending on their size, they are often used for pick and place applications where a high degree of repeatability is expected, or for part placement and welding applications. They can even be used for laser cutting and gluing, offering precision, speed and consistency difficult to achieve with the human hand. As the gantry robot reduces the need for manual human intervention, they often drive efficiency in workplace environments,

    The RS robotics range offers a selection of high-quality gantry robot solutions to optimize your production environment.

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