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    Hard Drive Enclosures

    Hard Drive Enclosures

    A hard drive enclosure is a simple piece of equipment that helps transform a typical internal hard drive into an external hard drive. The drive enclosure also acts as protective equipment, covering and storing the hard drive or an optical drive.

    What is a hard drive?

    A hard drive enclosure provides drives with superior protection from potential external contamination. Through the use of a hard drive enclosure you can also prevent accidental damage and breakage of the internal hard drive, keeping it safe and fully functional.

    Types of hard drive enclosures

    Hard drive enclosures can vary, this depends of a few different factors.

    •Size - the dimensions of the enclosure will be important, as it'll need to match up with your internal hard disk

    •Composition - what the material of the main body is made from

    •Connection Type - usually a straight forward connectivity with a USB port

    Where can I use my hard drive enclosure?

    Many hard drive enclosures are compatible with both windows and Mac drives. A hard drive enclosure is also a great solution for when you are looking to upgrade your laptop but not ready to remove your hard drive, some enclosures can keep your SATA III / SATA HDD / eSATA drive and allow you to use a new external hard drive with an external hard drive enclosure (HDD) as an additional storage system.

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