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    Circular Connector Dust Caps

    Circular connector dust caps are to provide environmental protection for circular connectors in both threaded and bayonet versions. Originally designed to meet military standards, they are used with rugged connectors in harsh environments.

    Adding a circular connecter dust cap you your connectors can help you achieve an IP rating standard that might be crucial to achieve a safety standard for your circular connector. Dustcaps will help prevent the ingress of water, dust, sand and dirt get into your connector.

    What are circular connector dust caps used for?

    Circular connector dust caps protect and plug connectors and other wire harness components from physical damage. The cap works as a seal against particles, moisture and other possible contaminants.

    Types of circular connector dust caps:

    • Fibre dust caps: Fibre dust caps include a fibre cord. The fibre cord can be used to secure the cap and connector to ensure safety.
    • Connector dust caps with chains: Dustcaps with chains can be used in harsher environments, thanks to the plating of the cord.
    • Port dust caps: Threaded onto connector adapters to provide protection from outside elements such as harsh weather conditions.
    • TPE: TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) material that is both durable and solid and can be used in both harsh and non-harsh environments for versatility.

    IP Ratings:

    An IP (ingress protection) rating is the rating backed by standard IEC 60529 to tell you how waterproof/dust-proof a component is. IP ratings are made up from two letters (IP) and two numbers. The numbers refer to different levels of protection, as seen below.

    The first number relates to how protected against solids the item is while the second number is how protected it'll be against liquids.

    • IP66 - Fully dust tight with the ability to handle powerful water jets up close. (Not submersible).
    • IP67 - Fully dust tight again, however, has the ability to withstand immersion up to 1m.
    • IP68 - Dust tight and can be submerged up to 1m+.
    • IP69 & IP69K - Completly dust tight and can be submerged for long amounts of time in 1m+ depths. IP69K can handle hot pressures and steams.
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