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    LED Arrays

    LED circular arrays are packages of multiple LEDs used to create luminaires (combined light sources). These arrays are called circular because they combine to form a circle of light engines (known as a family) that work as a singular light output.

    A LED circular array has an integrated LED driver (electronic control gear) that protects the array from voltage fluctuations. The base area of an array consists of numerous square chips. These chips are spaced out in a circular formation.

    What are LED circular arrays used for?

    LED circular arrays are used to create integrated electrical light units used as ceiling lights, pendants, wall scones and flush mount fixtures.

    They are used for general lighting, decorative lighting, task lighting, spot lighting, retail lighting and entertainment lighting purposes, in both commercial and domestic settings.

    Types of LED circular arrays

    LED circular arrays are available in many different sizes and colour variants.

    They can be configured using a variety of different connections including flying leads, solders, universal connectors, wire leads and 2-pin connectors, depending on the intended application.

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