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    Looking for cleaning brushes, then you have reached the right place. We offer an extensive range of facilities brushes under a series of categories, making it quick and easy to reach the required product solution. We have sourced a range of high-quality cleaning products from leading brands such as: Facom, Vikan, and RS PRO to help assist you with all your cleaning and scrubbing tasks.

    Types of cleaning brushes

    • Bottle Brushes have long handles with stiff bristles and are designed to effectively clean hard to reach narrow areas in bottles, glasses, and tubes.Dusters are ideal for removing dust and dirt from harder-to-reach areas. They usually feature a long handle and are great at removing cobwebs and dust from ceilings and walls.
    • Scrubbing Brushes come in various sizes and can be small nail brushes for cleaning hands and scrubbing underneath nails to encourage better hand hygiene. Small to medium size hand brushes or brushes with long handles are great for light or heavy duty cleaning and for scrubbing surfaces with applied pressure to remove dirt.
    • Water Fed Brushes are designed to supply a constant flow of water when connected to a water hose to help you while you carry out cleaning jobs. Ideal for cleaning external areas such as cars, caravans, windows and doors. Some may have telescopic handles to help you clean those awkward hard to reach areas.
    • Wire Brushes available with brass or steel wire bristles are perfect for heavy duty deburring, removing old layers of paint, rust removal and debris cleaning.

    Where are cleaning brushes typically used?

    Brushes are used in professional industrial cleaning applications, including kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms, and also in domestic home cleaning. Brushes for cleaning can range from small hand brushes for use in the home to heavy duty brushes designed for outdoor cleaning and scrubbing.

    Why should you choose RS for brushes?

    We put customer satisfaction at the forefront of our business, we have been established since 1936 and have unrivalled expertise with providing customers with brushes. We support engineers all over the world, distributing products to customers in over 160 countries.