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    Wire Brushes

    Wire brushes are essential hand tools for any workshop, garage or metal fabrication application. Their primary purpose is rust removal and debris cleaning. Our range of wire brushes are available with brass or steel wire bristles ideal for strength and longevity. High-quality brushes have been sourced from leading brands such as Bahco, Weller and RS PRO.

    Types of wire brush

    Wire brushes are available with an ergonomic design to provide a comfortable grip while in use and a choice of brass or steel bristles. We also offer brushes with an additional scraper accessory attached for removing material such as paint.

    Handle type

    • Wood
    • Plastic


    • Brass - This is a non-sparking wire which is suitable for use on copper and brass surfaces, great for demanding brushing and deburring applications.
    • Steel - Great for rust removal and general cleaning.

    Bristle Length

    • 25 mm to 37 mm

    Where can I use a wire brush?

    A wire brush is a versatile tool, can be used for any heavy-duty deburring and cleaning, removing old finishes such as paint and other coatings. Wire brushes are also excellent when used in the finishing process, especially on wooden surfaced for a weathered look. Wire brushes are the perfect accessory when used with power tools such as air grinders and corded/cordless grinders.

    Typical Applications:

    Wire brass and steel hand brushes can be used in a range of applications such as within engineering for rust removal and debris cleaning. Non-sparking brass bristles are also available for safe working in dangerous environments such as gas work and underground works. These brushes can be used in the following areas:

    • Engineering
    • General Cleaning
    • Rust removal
    • Preparing surfaces prior to painting or welding
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