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    Air Fresheners

    Our range of air fresheners and air freshener dispensers are suitable for general and commercial use as general and washroom air fresheners, with products available from leading brands like Kimberly Clark and Rubbermaid Commercial Products. Our range of fragrances and air freshener refills features a selection of scents to suit every environment and preference, including citrus, floral and fresh fragrances, in dispenser sizes from 75 ml aerosols to over 300 ml refills. Air freshener dispensers are available in various styles, designs and connection types, with automatic battery-powered pump sprays, rechargeable light energy cells, plug-in dispensers and aerosol sprays available. Our range of air freshener dispensers also provides compatible refills of air fresheners in preferred fragrances.

    How do air fresheners work?

    Air fresheners work by masking or neutralising odours and can be an instant solution or continuous action. Continuous air fresheners release fragrance into the room or washroom at timed intervals or at a continuous rate. For example, a plug-in air-freshener constantly emits a scented fragrance whereas some free-standing air freshener dispensers can be set to different frequency levels. An aerosol spray, on the other hand, offers an instant, at-hand air freshener solution. Automatic air freshener dispensers are cost effective for delivering fragrance into the air at a consistent intervals to neutralise unpleasant odours and freshen the environment.

    Should I use a wall-mounted or free-standing dispenser?

    • Commercial washroom air freshener dispensers are usually wall-mounted to prevent tampering or vandalism.
    • Plug-in air fresheners or free-standing air freshener dispensers are more common in the home, allowing easy access to refill when required, or when a new fragrance is desired. Some at-home dispensers also feature a button that allows for additional fragrance between timed intervals, making it more logical to have them in easily accessible positions.
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