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    Threaded Rods

    Threaded rods, also known as studs, are long rod fasteners that are threaded either along their whole length or just on set lengths at each end. These rods are similar to screws in appearance and function but are much thicker and longer. You can learn more in our comprehensive threaded rod guide.

    Threaded rods are most commonly constructed from metals such as steel or stainless steel but can also be produced in brass and even in Nylon to best suit their application. Their main use is to fasten wood or metal together, but they are also used to stabilise structures by being inserted into concrete and can be done so on a permanent or temporary basis. Their threading also allows for bolts or nuts to easily fasten to it where required.

    Threaded rods come in various lengths and diameters, meaning their functionality covers a huge range of applications. These rods are very useful as they can be custom cut to length to suit your application and the thread can have a right-handed or left-handed thread pattern.

    Applications that use threaded rods:

    • Construction
    • Manufacturing
    • Automotive
    • Plumbing
    • Marine

    What is the difference in right-handed and left-handed thread?

    A right-handed thread is a clockwise rotation that will tighten the threaded rod to a fastener, whereas a left-handed thread is less common and will mainly be found in applications where vibrations may cause the right-handed thread to come loose.

    Thread sizes

    A Metric screw thread is designated by the letter M and its diameter, which will be in mm, e.g. M2, M4, M6, M8, M20, etc.

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