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    Nut Drivers

    Nut drivers are hand held tools designed to loosen and tighten nuts and bolts. They are also known as a nut spinners and socket drivers. A first glance they looks similar to screwdrivers however, they have an integrated socket on the shaft.

    Nut drivers have a hexagonal shaped socket designed for hex bolts, so it's as simple as choosing the right size driver for the job. We offer a range of nut drivers as an individual tool or as part of set.

    How do they work?

    The hexagonal opening fits over the nut or bolt and is then turned clockwise or anti-clockwise by hand. If more torque is required there are optional T-handle nut drivers which can be operated by both hands to generate more force.

    We offer a range of nut drivers made from steel or alloy steel.

    Types of nut drivers

    We offer a range of nut drivers to suit your application, drivers with solid and hollow shafts which allows for removal of protruding nuts, flexible shaft drivers for those hard to reach places and insulated nut drivers designed to protect you from up to 1000 V.

    Typical applications

    Nut drivers are a useful addition to any engineer's tool box in automotive mechanics, plumbing, bicycle maintenance and household DIY.

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