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    Space Heater Accessories

    Space heater accessories are designed to support and enhance the performance of space heaters, which are electric devices used to heat a small area.

    How do space heater accessories work?

    Some space heater accessories can be integrated into the body of the space heater to provide the user with protection from the heated element or to allow for automation. Others allow you to control the space heater remotely or to hang certain types of heater.

    What types of space heater accessory are there?

    The range of space heater accessories includes:

    • Wireguards, which are made from wire mesh and attach to the front of the space heater. They are used to prevent accidental contact with the heated element.
    • Push button timers, which allow you to turn on the space heater for a predetermined period of time. This can be set by adjusting a potentiometer on the circuit board.
    • PIR (passive infrared sensor) controllers, which help to save energy by only turning on the heater when movement is detected nearby.
    • Temperature sensors, which help to maintain an indoor environment by detecting air temperature and turning the heater on or off accordingly.
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