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    Filter Regulator Lubricators

    Filter regulator lubricators, also known as FRLs, are designed to provide a clean air flow in pneumatic applications. The consist of a pneumatic pressure regulator, an air filter and a lubricator. These parts work together to enable optimal performance from a system and prevent any downtime caused by contamination.

    How does an FRL work?

    Filter regulator lubricators feature three main components which provide different functions:

    • Filter: The air line filter essentially cleans the air that passes through and removes any impurities. It separates the air from any solids and liquids. Therefore the air is cleared of any dust, dirt, water or oils that it may contain. The air line filter is the first of the devices that the air will come into contact with. There are specific filters for oil removal, liquid/vapour removal and general purpose filters.
    • Regulator: The pressure regulators, also known as PRVs, follow on from the filter. they control the fluid pressure within the system. This in turn controls the output pressure that is used in the air tools, air bearings and cylinders. Regulators utilise a spring which acts through a diaphragm.
    • Lubricator: The lubricator is used to add oil into the compressed air system. This oil eases the movement of components and prevents any damage caused by friction. Most pneumatic equipment requires lubrication to ensure an optimal life span. There are two main types of lubricator; Oil-Fog and Micro-Fog.
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