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    Voltage Optimisers

    A voltage optimiser is an electrical device designed to regulate and optimize the voltage supplied to electrical appliances or systems. It is primarily used to reduce and stabilize the incoming voltage to a more suitable and efficient level.

    The voltage supplied from the electrical grid can sometimes fluctuate, leading to overvoltage or undervoltage conditions. Overvoltage can stress and damage sensitive electronic equipment, while undervoltage can result in poor performance and inefficiency.

    A voltage optimiser helps address these issues by adjusting the voltage to a predetermined level that is optimal for the connected devices. It typically employs transformers or electronic circuitry to regulate the voltage within a desired range, ensuring a stable and controlled supply to the electrical load.

    Voltage optimisers offer benefits such as increased equipment lifespan, improved energy efficiency, reduced power consumption, and enhanced performance of electrical appliances. They are commonly used in commercial, industrial, and residential settings to protect sensitive equipment, mitigate voltage-related issues, and achieve energy savings.

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