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    Chair Mats

    To reduce damage and wear on carpeted or hardwood flooring, chair mats are an ideal solution. Made from heavy duty material, these mats protect the floor from impact and scratching from castors and chair legs. As workers wheel back and forth on their chairs, it inevitably results in the wear and tear of the floor surface, and chair mats are the most effective way to keep the floor spaces of your workplace looking new for as long as possible.

    The mats are fitted with either smooth bottoms, for use on hard floors, or with spiked grips for secure placing on carpeted surfaces. Each ensures a non-slip grip to the floor.

    The chair mats are made from vinyl free materials, and can be used safely over underfloor heating.

    Transparent in colour, the chair mats are a discrete solution when it comes to keeping your flooring in great condition.

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