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    Safety Mats

    Pressure sensitive safety mats are important pieces of safety equipment in areas of machinery, such as manufacturing factories and plants. These mats are designed to detect the presence of people standing or moving on its sensing surface, activating the conductive hardened steel pressure plates inside the mat and therefore triggering an immediate stop in the connected machinery. The two plates are held apart by non-conductive compressible separators, typically made of rubber or vinyl to protect the sensor system from external factors, such as water, liquids, coolants and dirt or debris.

    How do they work?

    Pressure safety mats are connected to pieces of machinery that could pose a potential hazard or safety risk to personnel. Once pressure is detected on the plated sections of the mat, the resistance in the circuit falls to zero and a shutdown signal is sent to the machine it is connected to, immediately turning it off. When multiple mats are attached to the same machine, such as along a walkway or observation area, several mats can be controlled using software so that pressure is monitored across the entire area as opposed to individual mats.

    By turning off the machine/s, the person or persons can proceed to pass by the machine or complete their tasks safely. Once the pressure is completely removed from the mat or area, the machinery can resume its normal process.

    Pressure safety mats are available in different sizes to suit the area of installation, and can be combined to cover larger or unusually-shaped areas.

    Safety Mat Applications

    • To detect an employee entering a dangerous zone and provide presence sensing of employees remaining inside a hazardous area.
    • A safety device in an industrial environment.
    • To detect persons approaching security locks.
    • To trigger an alarm if restricted areas are entered.
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