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    Proving Units

    A proving unit is a portable device that’s designed to be used as a two-pole tester, to verify the safe operation of voltage testers such as Multimeters and clamp meters and the accuracy is maintained. As we strongly advise to calibrate such products, when used in combination with a proving unit peace of mind will be made to ensure accuracy is maintained between calibration intervals. Proving units can test voltages from AC and DC instruments, whilst reducing the risk of a shock or arc flash by validating the testing equipment.

    What are the different types of Proving Unit?

    As we know the proving units are portable making them easy to transport and use in many environments, however, there are many varieties of proving units to accommodate the vast voltage ranges of electrical equipment. For example, low voltage proving units such as the Martindale PD240 can test voltages up to 240V, great for residential appliances. If you need something capable of testing high voltage testers, then the Martindale PD690 kit is a great option by testing voltages from 12V to 700V and with a proving unit accompanied by a voltage tester in a neat carry pouch.

    Proving unit can supply a range of voltages to the two-pole voltage testers to ensure a thorough test at the applied voltages. An LED light is the sign that the two-pole voltage tester is functioning correctly, allowing you to proceed with your job. Like most devices in a toolbox or bag they can be susceptible to dust, water and general knocks, that’s why it’s important to maintain a testing schedule of your voltage testers. As these aspects can affect the accuracy of voltage testers and if inaccuracies aren’t noticed then this is when safety is in doubt. RS offers an in-house calibration service (RSCAL) prior to delivery, but also offers a yearly service for these products.

    Why Choose RS for a Proving Unit?

    Whether you’re an electrician or another professional, then RS has a comprehensive range of Proving Units and Proving Unit Kits to choose from leading brands such as Martindale, Fluke, Black Star and Megger. On hand advice from our technical experts to aid your decisions and our inhouse calibration service. See more about our calibration services here.

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