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    Circular Connector Accessories

    There are a wide range of circular connector accessories available, these include colour coding rings, clamps, strain reliefs spacers and many more.

    Colour Coding Rings

    Colour coding rings are coloured rings available individually or in packs of assorted colours that help separate and identify certain cables using colour. Typically attached or integrated into the connector that terminates a cable, they reduce wiring system complexity and the chances of wiring errors by grouping and categorising different types of cables.

    What are colour coding rings used for?

    Colour coding rings are essential when using a multitude of cable runs. Cables are often run through channels and walls to reduce the required cable length, protect them and to remove trip hazards. However, this can make them difficult to trace and identify after installation. Colour coding can be useful in identifying each different cable run.

    Connector Spacers

    The type of connector spacer you choose will depend on the type of PCB you are using, the materials the PCB and the relevant component is made from, and other considerations like space limitations.

    Plastic spacers are cost-effective, non-corrosive and lightweight, and because they do not conduct electricity, they can be used to prevent short circuits. Metal spacers are more durable and resistant to heat, these can be used in applications where electrical conductivity is needed.

    Strain Relief

    Used in a wide range of applications, strain relief accessories can ensure a reliable and robust connection over time. Ideal for connections that may be made and removed frequently, portable equipment or just applications in a busy environment.

    Strain relief accessories are available in various forms and colours to suit all applications. When purchasing any strain relief accessory always ensure to check the size of your connector or cable for the most efficient and reliable outcome.

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