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    Scissors are one of the most common and widespread instruments and consist of two blades fastened in the middle, which allow an open and closed action when operated by a thumb and fingers inserted through the finger holes in the handles. They are used for an expansive variety of applications across innumerable industries, from cutting paper and fabric for crafts to industry-specific models for everything from dressmaking to hairdressing and many industrial applications, too. The right scissors can cut various materials, such as tarp, wire, underlay or plastics.

    At RS, we stock a wide range of scissors for use across industries and applications. From general-purpose to surgical scissors, we have what you need.

    Scissor Types

    • Electricians scissors are specially designed to cut Kevlar and other tough fibres that are almost impossible to cut with conventional scissors and shears. These purpose-designed scissors incorporate a sharp cutting edge and the blades are also thick to resist bending. Available with ergonomic grips that allow excellent power transmission.
    • General-purpose scissors are ideal for cutting tasks at home or office. Used for cutting paper, card and laminated materials. There are various handle options such as metal, plastic or rubber.
    • Side bent scissors are designed for use in applications such as textiles, canvas, rubber, carpet and underlay. Offer strong blades with offset handles and adjustable pivot screw and locking nut.
    • Surgical scissors designed for miniature work. Typical applications include medical devices, microscopy and laboratory, watch-making and jewellery and electronics manufacturing.
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