High quality USB Type C
from JST

Robust DIP and SMT configuration in a space saving design, providing a high-speed data transmission rate of 10 Gbps.

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LEX series PCB LED connectors

• 2.5mm pitch wire to board header
  and socket connectors

• Low profile, 1.2mm height - ideal
  for use in high density applications

• Bottom mating

• Secure locking mechanism

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CPT series automotive connectors

• Miniaturised board to wire SMT
  automotive connectors

• Low profile

• Top and side entry

• Single and double row

• Quality Box female and Spring
  male terminal construction

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FLZ series FCP/FFC connectors

• Zero insertion force mechanism for
  increased wear resistance

• Normal and reverse configurations
  for design flexibility

• In-line SMT tails

• 0.5mm pitch , 2.0 mm height

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