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Working at height - SLS

Eliminate the risk of losing tools when working at height, with the Safety Lock System.

  • Improved Safety - reduce the risk of falling tools hiting somebody
  • Avoid wasted time - recovery of tools takes time especially in confined space
  • Improved Safety & Productivity - falling tools can damage expensive facilities or stop a production process

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Express Toolmat

An all in one Tool Bag and Work Mat, designed to protect and secure your working space.

  • Open/Close in less than 3 seconds
  • Padded central zone for knee protection and comfort
  • Tool storage slots to keep all your tools organised
  • Keep your work area clean - can carry up to 5kg of debris/accessories

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My Mobile Storage Solution

Customisable tool storage system, options include:

  • Folding Hand Truck - with secure locking and load resistance of 100kg
  • Toolbox - Metal and polypropylene case with removable tray
  • Tool Draw - 3 draw with one set of partitions
  • Steel Wire Basket - with load capacity of 20kg

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Express Toolmat


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