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Why choose Guardlink™?

Allen-Bradley Guardmaster has introduced Guardlink™, to simplify the connection of safety input devices, whilst providing diagnostics. Series connection of safety input devices is common practice in safety-related control systems. However, when the system trips, fault finding can be difficult due to the lack of diagnostic information. Providing diagnostics typically required additional wiring, increasing complexity, installation time and cost. GuardLink™ is a safety linking technology that simplifies this by providing safety and diagnostic information through the same cable. Connected to a safety relay and using an EtherNet/IP Network Interface, this information is easily passed through to the control system for increased diagnostics, which improves performance, reduces downtime on the machine, and links safety to The Connected Enterprise.

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GuardLink™ provides diagnostic data from safety devices

  • No configuration required, with wiring achieved through standard cabling with M12 connectors
  • Supports connection of up to 32 safety devices with either electromechanical or solid state safety outputs, over a maximum distance of 1000m
  • Certified for applications up to and including PLe Cat 4 (ISO 13849-1) and SIL CL3 (IEC 62061)

GuardLink Safety Relay and Ethernet Gateway

GSR-DG Safety Relay
  • The GSR- DG Safety Relay can monitor two GuardLink channels.
  • Status information can be communicated via EtherNet/IP for the input device
  • Operational information for the GSR-DG is also available over EtherNet/IP
  • Lock / unlock and reset signals are communicated over EtherNet IP

Why choose GuardLink™? Watch this video and find out

Discover the benefits of GuardLink™ - easy access to diagnostic data from safety devices and fast fault identification reduces production downtime; no configuration required; clear visibility of system status and seamless communication across a connected enterprise.

800F Emergency Stop Pushbuttons

Connect Emergency stop pushbuttons to a GuardLink enabled tap quickly and simply via an M12 connector, and get information on its location when operated

800F Emergency Stop Pushb

LifeLine™ 5

Connect a LifeLine™ 5 cable pull switch to get the location of the device and rope tension status to avoid nuisance trips during operation.

LifeLine™ 5

SensaGuard non-contact RFID Interlock Switch

Connect non-contact interlock switches to a GuardLink enabled tap, and receive information whenever a guard is open and its precise location


440G-LZ locking switch

Guard Locking Switches lock/unlock signals can be provided, giving the devices current state and specific location within the system.

440G-LZ locking switch

Visit DesignSpark to find out more about Guardlink safety linking technology, including how to configure a Guardlink system.

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