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Baumer is a world leader in the development and production of Sensors, Encoders, Measuring Instruments and Vision Systems serving the Factory Automation and Process Automation industries. Whilst our product range is vast, we focus upon key industries including Food, Beverage & Pharma and key applications like Assembly and Packaging - Our precision, passion and expertise enable us to be expert in these markets. A family business for over 60 years, Baumer employs 2,300 people worldwide, in 19 countries. In the UK we offer local expertise from regionally based sales managers, with additional application expertise provided by product management located beside our technical and customer support teams in Swindon.

Featured products

Miniature photoelectric

O200 miniature sensors: a new definition of reliability

  • Outstanding reliablity even on deep black, shiny, transparent or irregular surfaces
  • Excellent precision and reproducibility
  • More digital information thanks to IO-Link

Featured products

Robust ultrasonic sensors
  • Extremely resistant sealed sensor element
  • Very short blind range of 20mm
  • Application-specific parameterisation and additional data due to IO-Link
  • Analogue measurement signal as well as switching signal
  • Measuring ranges up to 1000mm

Reliable solution with high-performance ultrasonic sensors with integrated setting & filter options

Ultrasonic sensors from Baumer excels with reliability in any situation and stand out by their extremely narrow blind zone that is best-in-class. The integrated setting and filter options allow for optimal application-specific sensor adjustment via IO-Link interface.

Ethernet Absolute industrial encoder - EAL580

The OptoTurn® EAL580 offers not only on an extremely compact and cost-effective design, but also on the use of the latest communication technologies.


CleverLevel LBFS

With the Adaptive-Trigger function, the CleverLevel® is a step ahead of vibrating forks as it adjusts automatically to all media without parameterisation.

Point level switch

Smart Accurate Laser Distance Sensors - OM70

OM70 laser distance sensors offer best-in-class measurement performance even on demanding surfaces. It allows simple adjustement via web interface.

Laser distance sensors

Inductive Proximity Sensors

Very small sensors with all integrated evaluation electronics and large sensing distance. Sturdy, maintenance-free and durable.

Inductive Proximity Sensors
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