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Harwin are manufacturers of high-reliability connectors, industry standard connectors, board level EMC shielding and associated PCB hardware.

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Archer Series Connectors

• 1.27 mm board-to-board and IDC connector series.
• Variety of mating heights, sockets and mounting options.
• Available in SIL, as well as DIL styles with row spacing’s of 1.27 mm or 2.54 mm.

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Gecko (G125) Series Connectors

• Low profile, dual row interconnect solution
• Ideally suited for stacking and cable mating in areas where PCB real estate is at a premium
• Offers weight and space saving over Micro-D connector as well as 1,000 Mating cycles durability

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EMC Shielding

• Designed for SMT assembly to provide a cost-effective alternative to turned PCB sockets
• Provides excellent RFI and EMI protection to sensitive circuitry at the PCB level.
• Features a two point contact system ensuring secure retention and facilitates easy removal and replacement of socketed component.

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