WERMA  - intelligent signal technology

WERMA - intelligent signal technology

Clever solutions that simply work - this is what WERMA stands for. Customers from all over the world confirm this day after day. WERMA sets the standards for modern signal technology and defines its future: for more than twenty years with modular signal towers as the industry standard, and today, with networked, intelligent system solutions for process optimisation. WERMA products and solutions make processes safe and keep them running efficiently. This allows industry and logistics procedures to be sustainably optimised whilst saving time and money. The "Made in Germany" label is a guarantee that allows WERMA to describe itself with pride as "Europe's leading signal". WERMA Signaltechnik is a growing international company with 330 employees at 7 locations. The family company founded in 1950 is a global market leader in signalling technology and also a technological leader.

Featured products


KombiSIGN 72 - modular signal tower

  • Quick installation, excellent visibility and the highest level of flexibility
  • Retrofittable and combinable with all elements and accessories
  • Preconfigured signal tower KombiSIGN 72

EvoSIGNAL: Mini Midi Maxi beacons

  • Finding the right signal device has never been as easy
  • Three sizes can ideally cover almost any application segments
  • TwinLIGHT and TwinFLASH merge two lighting functions in one element
  • Simple and intuitive assembly
  • Best-in-class equipment: powerful, extremely durable (IP66), tamper-proof

EvoSIGNAL | Modular, simple and clear

EvoSIGNAL is the new modular, simple and clear standard solution for the signalling sector – in other words, "typically WERMA"

240 multicolour installation beacon

A compact signal device with up to seven colours in a single beacon. The beacon can also be supplied with an attention-grabbing buzzer.

WERMA 240 Installation Beacon

KOMPAKT 37 pre-assembled signal tower

With 1-5 visual tiers, the slim signal tower can be installed quickly and easily. The enclosed construction is ideal for use in all types of areas.


AndonLIGHT - manual call for action system

It is easy to improve safety and efficiency in the workplace with the easy-to-retrofit Andon products combined with WERMA signal towers.


853 signal beacon

Signal lights and traffic lights from WERMA provide reliable signalling, both as single lights or as combined signalling lights.

WERMA 853 Signal beacon
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