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We are proud to present Festo's rapidly growing range of products, they're a global performance leader, market dominator and technical educator who produces and supplies pneumatic & electrical control and drive technology for factory automation and industrial process automation.
Offering a comprehensive range of more than 15,000 products that are designed to meet your specific requirements. Our Festo range dominates the pneumatic area of our site alongside a wealth of other technologies. Scroll to the bottom of this page and see for yourself. Festo stands for many years of experience and copious amounts of research, innovations in pneumatics and electric drive technology .
Do you know what our most popular products from Festo are? Festo Cylinders, Festo Valves, Festo fittings, tubings, pressure gauges, regulators - the list goes on, please shop the Festo range and don't forget that we have next day delivery!

Featured products

Air preparation unit MSB4

Perfect compressed air treatment - Festo MS Series

  • With its large product range, highly functional components and a wide choice of services, the MS series from Festo offers a complete concept for compressed air treatment
  • Predefined or freely configurable maintenance device combinations - for both standard applications and application-specific solutions
  • Depending on the application, combination of filter regulator, filter, lubricator, on/off valve, soft-start valve, branching module

DSNU - durable round cylinder from Festo

Round pneumatic cylinder
  • Self-adjusting end-position cushioning and extensive accessories
  • Wide range of variants for customised applications
  • Piston rod with female or male thread
  • Good running performance and long service life
  • For position sensing

Round cylinders DSNU - watch this brief video and animation

Compact is becoming more and more important within design applications. The pneumatic space optimized DSNU-S is the most slender and short round cylinder on the market.

Magneto-resistive proximity sensor SMT-8M-A

Magneto-resistive proximity sensor for T-slot, for installation from above. EU explosion protection directive (ATEX) compliant, fitted with NAMUR output.

Magneto-resistive sensor

Solenoid valve for individual connection VUVG

This universal valve offers an outstanding combination of high flow rates and a compact design. The entire VUVG range caters for all requirements.

Compact solenoid valve

Flexible and hydrolysis-resistant tubing

Flexible and hydrolysis-resistant tubing with standard O.D. in various colours in single or double tubing design, High resistance to microbes, food-safe.

Flexible plastic tubing

Push-in fitting QS series

Wide range of variants: wide selection for maximum flexibility in standard applications.

Festo QS Series
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